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A Succinct Story of Zero Knowledge

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Link to paper

At the top of this page, I’ve linked my paper studying the development of “production” zero-knowledge proofs starting from their theoretical roots in computational complexity theory and PCP theorem. I’ve been playing around with zero-knowledge proof based applications for the past few months, and decided to dig in deeper into the theory to understand how they actually work this winter break.

I find zero-knowledge proofs to be extremely interesting primitives to study both from a practitioner’s perspective and a theoretician’s perspective. I was originally nerd-sniped by the awesomeness of zero-knowledge proofs when I realised zero-knowledge proofs allowed you to solve a sudoku and prove to anyone that you’ve solved it correctly, without revealing anything at all about your solution itself. And of course, the even bigger unlock comes when you realise that you can replace sudokus with any arbitrary computation. The existence of zero-knowledge proofs almost feels like a glitch in the universe if you think about it too much.

If you’re not into the theory, but fascinated by the practical applications, here are some links to ZK applications I’ve made in past: WordLines and Snarky Sudoku. I’m currently also working on another ZK game. Hit me up if you’re interested in collaborating. Especially so if you’re an artist or an illustrator.